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Anonymous sent: what is "good pussy" serious question here


pussy that make u think about being a father

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there are people who can have sex with no strings attached

and there’s nothing wrong with that

but if you know you’re not that person

then don’t act like you are

Forever reblog

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people really be out here like 

"im a cold hearted bitch idgaf about the niggas im dating"

"i dont care"

but are the first ones to have emotional breakdowns over a text message 

like please just own up to your sensitivity or your feelings in general 

cause it makes you look dumb af in the process 


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when you tell her you got money


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Never forget that Shawn Carter admitted to plotting on sixteen year old Beyonce Knowles.



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Politeness is so rare these days, people often mistake it for flirtation

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I look so different in each one.

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me & her

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me & her


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first time you make her squirt



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Polite ass hood niggas make me 💦

yall pick a random adjective to lust over every 2 days

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