Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do you get all these pictures from?

Everywhere, various blogs, forums, etc. submissions from followers. I’ve been collecting pics for a long time so i have many pics on my hard drive.

2. Do you personally know any of these girls?

No i don’t and i would not post pictures of girls i know personally.

3. What race are you?


4. I want to submit a pic, how do i go about doing so?

Click or send pics to my email If you want to remain anonymous let me know ahead of time.

5. Why don’t you show yourself?

I’m slowly but surely working my way into a high professional position and I can’t have my chances hurt by being linked to this blog. 

6. Can you post more videos?

Posting videos is a very time consuming process. Depending on the size of the video it can take a long time. Also i review vids and post the ones i thought were decent so that takes time. Quality over quantity.

7. Why do you post a lot of bigger girls?

Because there are plenty of bigger & curvier girls that are sexy despite what the media and small-minded people think.

8. What is your favorite position?

Doggystyle, an ass slapping good time had by all. 

9. I submitted a pic but you haven’t posted it yet, why?

Common reasons:

  • Technical difficulties with my inbox and I may not have gotten your submission. (If that is the case re-submit)
  • When it comes to running this blog, I’m all over the place,and with some submits, I’ll post right then and others, it’ll get pushed back, sorry but it happens. If it’s a pic I like, it will get posted, it may be awhile but it’ll get done. Rushing me won’t get it done any faster. 
  • You are underage, stay your young ass off this blog. 
  • The pic(s) are in poor camera quality, bad camera angles. 
  • Something I’ve seen and or posted before. Simply put i just didn’t like the pic(s). Snapping good pics is an art-form. 
  • Sometimes I get a pic that I like so much that I wanna be selfish and keep it for myself (it happens)
  • Also as much as i try to keep things on the lighter-hearted scale people can be downright horrible with the comments so i just avoid pics that will garner those hateful comments.

10. Why do you post mainly black girls?

Because i like black women duncecap. If you look throughout my blog i post all races of women. If i find her sexy & curvy then race isn’t a issue.

11. How do you feel about stretch marks?

Plenty of women have them, it’s nothing to feel self-conscious about. No guy has turned down a woman because she has stretch marks. 

12. Follow for follow?

No, i will check out your blog and see if i like and if i do then i will follow.

13. Why did start this blog?

I had so happen to discover tumblr and one of the blogs i first came across was perv’s page ( At the time his was the only blog that focused around homegrown pics of black & latina women as well as the bigger, curvier gals. I had plenty of pics on stash and so i started submitting regularly until i started my own blog. Now there are many blogs out that just rehash pics what has already been posted.

14. Why do people ask you for advice?

People have questions and so they ask my opinion on the subject. People seem to like the responses i give to the questions so more people ask. I don’t mind people asking me things.

15. What do you like more? Ass or Titties?

I’m an ass man but I love big titties too.

16. Where do you go to school at in ATL?

That’s G-14 classified. 

17. “There’s a picture of me on your blog and I want it removed, will you please remove it?”

Yes, if you submit a picture or I reblog one of yours and you want it removed, just simply leave a message in my inbox or my email. Please leave the link to said pic(s) and I’ll take care of it at my earliest. 

18. “You used a pic of mine, the least you could is credit me” 

Same as if you wanted it removed, send a message in my inbox or email, leave a link and I’ll credit it you however you wish.