I just watched this hood ass nigga driving a scraper and he was dropping his girl off so she could go to work. They kissed passionately and as she walked away he didn’t get back in the car. He just stood there watching her leave.

And it wasn’t one of those “damn she got a fat ass” stares. He looked sad that she was leaving.

That’s the kind of pussy that will have you on YouTube crying about your cinnamon apple in the middle of the street.

I only observed them for 15 seconds but I knew pretty fast that he loved that woman.



I gave my number to a guy today.

I approached him (with my pal cuz I’m pussy) and spoke with him and then gave him one of my networking cards.

He’s 6’1 and has nice dark skin and is names James.

I also told him that he was beautiful prior to going up to him.

I’ve never made the first move and today I did :)

Even if he doesn’t text me, I will still feel good because I did a thing for the first time :)

To be encouraged

More of this.

more of this


a lot of girls really do want a dude like drake, which presents somewhat of a problem since there’s only one of him and the rest of us for the most part are really not trying to be on that level like that.

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