@quirkysnark.tumblr.com can you stop reblog my pictures and calling me a bitch and okay you can say ” you are a bitch ur bodies on a social network” , but you don’t know me and I will block u if you keep doing that & it’s no need to be nasty just reblog and if you don’t hve anything nice to say don’t say anything at all ..

Are you kidding me? Girl look, I’ve deleted your pictures off of my blog.
And I wasn’t being nasty. I’m not here for that.
But sometimes when a bitch’s body is bad (Bad as in good ‘cause since you seem to be new to this) it just makes me want to do some thangs (Things. Good things)…  
But block me if you must. Wasn’t even aware of your existence until you came across my dash a little while ago. Have a good Tumblr life. 


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    lol in tonight’s episode: look who’s basic now”
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    oh lord jesus =/
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    LMAO hilarious.