Get $10 Back For Every $50 You Spend on PSN



In March, for every $50 you spend on games, tv shows, movies, add-ons, etc, etc on PSN, you get $10 back. Spend another $50, you get another $10 back, and so on and so forth. Pretty good deal. 

So like buy a few cheap games and a movie, and you get enough for another cheap game, or some tv show episodes and whatnot. 

PSN doing shit right once again.

But remember that none of this stuff will be transferable to your PS4 come wintertime. Some people won’t care but you should be mindful of it anyways.

(via nawyougood)

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    See that’s that bullshit
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    Well you better give up consoles all together then, because its happening.
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    Dude…. If they start charging me Im done fam
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    Wait. What won’t be transferable to he PS4. Can’t you transfer PSN content between the two consoles?
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