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Anonymous sent: Should they reboot the "Blade" film series for a 2018 release, for it's 20th anniversary ?

Eh, I like the idea but I have a couple of objections. I would only be interested if Wesley Snipes reprises his role as Blade but if it were rebooted he would most likely be deemed too old and they would go with someone new. Nobody jumps out at me that could pull off blade other than Snipes. Same way I feel about Michael Jai White playing Spawn, I don’t see anyone else doing but them nor would I want anybody else to do it.

Last thing, if it were rebooted, I feel that they would try to fit Blade into the MCU and so they kid friendly it up just so it could be included into the MCU.

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Anonymous sent: Yo brah I keep getting rejected by girls and I don't know what to do like I know I'm not ugly I just be myself and try my best

And if being yourself doesn’t work out, just get money.

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Anonymous sent: what does good pussy taste like


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Anonymous sent: how old are you? i go to georgia state im a freshmen and its over populated and the classes are all over the city. i shoulda went to Clark because its hard finding the buildings for my classes at time.

Damn :(

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Anonymous sent: u prolly go to clark atlanta or georgia state. all the guys, well most, at morehouse are gay. unless u go to shorter university? lol

Nope, I’m kinda thinking about Georgia State for a master’s though. 

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Anonymous sent: Need some advice, a guy ive known since college but havent seen in about 3 years (but text every couple of months since college) said he is in love with me. He said this knowing that i have a bf and he even knows my bf (but r not close friends). I didnt know how to respond to his confession so i just texted him saying im sorry. Do u think that was the right way to handle the situation? What should i do next? what would u do if u was in my position?

He ain’t in love in you, he was just tryna get some ass. He was horny, he was scrolling through his contacts and your name was up next. You did the right thing, ain’t nothing to do next except shut him down the next he tries.

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Anonymous sent: What the fuck is a cishet?

A word that gets thrown around by the social justice brigade here on tumblr used  to identify heterosexual guys here. 

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Anonymous sent: You are in no position to judge a woman's butt you privileged black cishet scum.

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Anonymous sent: what do you think about goats? do you like em?

I don’t have a problem with goats. I like those gifs of the small goats that be jumping off other goats.

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Anonymous sent: so the posting of explicit video is back on tumblr? nice!

No, it isn’t. Tumblr doesn’t always catch each and every explicit video that gets posted so there’s plenty that fly under the radar.

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Anonymous sent: sup bro? is this just a straight blog or do you post some brotherly love too?

Straight blog, bro.

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taylorloveluv sent: how do u get ass? like a big ass? what do these girls do to get the booty

Nowadays bitches out here buying their ass. 

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Anonymous sent: ctfu I know the lightskinned jawn wit the white samsung phone that you posted ..


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Anonymous sent: thanks I heard ya, keep that hustle strong man.

Thanks and good luck on the new job.

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Anonymous sent: Been alright , been foggy and a bit chill here so I can't mad. Getting ready for this new job.

Congratulations on the new job. I’ve been applying for a new job myself, hope I get a callback soon because trying to handle 2 ain’t the business.

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