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Anonymous sent: If a girl liked you how would you like her to approach you? Or do you think guys should approach girls only? I like this guy and I don't know how to tell him without sounding thirsty.

I love girls that ain’t afraid to approach a guy first, wish more girls would as opposed to waiting around and hoping a guy would approach first. If you’re polite & respectful I don’t see how you’d get label thirsty but nowadays some of these childish individuals would call you thirsty for just saying hello but I’m hoping this guy you like is mature so step to him, smile, let him know you’re interested in him and go from there. Good luck and let me know how it went :)

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Anonymous sent: Damn. Men and women of today are people without principle. The past wasn't any good, but the people were principled though.

No, they werent. People weren’t shit back then just they ain’t shit now. Only difference is now laws have changed, certain traditions and stigmas are removed or eroded and things that were kept in dark are generally put in front view of the public.

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Anonymous sent: Do you have a girlfriend?


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Anonymous sent: Why my bf acting like he don't wanna eat me out

Pussbox probably wack.

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Anonymous sent: Why do you always post nasty shit

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Anonymous sent: Aye bruh. How the fuck does Bria Myles face go from lookin round and cute to long and gaunt? I understand she lost weight(smdh) but how her face grew 3 inches though?

Excessive weight loss doesn’t just affect the lower body, it gets the face too.

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l0veee-child sent: movin dem bricks of rice Krispy treats 😂😂


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Anonymous sent: Do u handle relationship problems?

Every now and again, people have asked for my opinion regarding certain aspects of their relationships. 

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Anonymous sent: would you still like a big girl if she has small boobs?

I’m more of an ass man so the important question here is, is the booty proper?

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Anonymous sent: Can we get more thigh appreciation posts?

Sure, put #thighappreciation in the search box, enjoy.

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Anonymous sent: I can't say I'm surprised that curvella is one of those bitter types. I straight saw her put brothas under the bus as if we were all rapists and not 48 hours later make post after post about how she finds white dudes cute. No wonder she is dating the black howdy doody.

You know I’m somewhat surprised to see her with a black dude given all those negative posts regarding brothas that she likes to post and cosign.

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sirkambam sent: The Ultimate Warrior passed away. :/


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Anonymous sent: Is heymoniquehey the only thick asian girl you know about, or do you know more ?

thick Asian girls of tumblr, show yourselves, for science.

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Anonymous sent: Do you listen to Tariq Nasheed ?

Haven’t listened to his show in a minute but i’m a fan. He drops some gems and alot of history, especially black history. I like the hidden colors series, I think it should get included during black history month so folks especially kids can learn about more black people aside from the usual 5 that gets talked about. 

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Anonymous sent: Does Triple H deserve to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame ?

Of course. 

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