That last post has me bugging because it stays on my mind everyday. I’m in absolute struggle, struggle to expand business connections, struggle to get my foot in the door by folks that say “you need x,y,z, amount of experience, but we won’t hire so you can this gain experience”. Don’t get me started on the student loans, the horror. Having to start paying back those, while sustaining suitable living arrangements, and then going back to school to gain yet another degree which may be useless in a short amount of time. Whatever the case maybe a game-plan will be set because I’ll be damned if imma waste my better years repaying student loans, grinding myself into dust trying to make ends meet. 

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high school teachers : you'll get nowhere if you don't go to college and get a bachelors

college professors: you'll get nowhere if you don't get a masters

employers: 2 yrs experience or gtfo

All of this School Days Truth


thats definitely one of my biggest fears.. goin thru all this school shit just to end up with a job that has NOTHING to do with the degree i worked so hard to get. hell, what if i end up not havin a job at all?

id be so fuckin mad.

id probably get depressed and turn up on bath salts.

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School days

Recap of my B. Stats final today.

Driving all over town, running across campus and up three flights of stairs to get to class. (still ended up being late)

Sat down and looked at the test.

Mind goes blank, can’t think of shit.

Time is running out and I’m freaking out cause I’m nowhere near finished. 

Mind is still blank.

Professor calls for tests in 2 minutes.

 handed in my test.

Mind is consumed with thoughts of how badly did I fuck up?, will the bonus points I amassed be enough to get me over?, will my professor take pity and bump my grade up?, possibly changing my major, pushing back my graduation, trying to come with the money to stay in school & disappointing mi familia. 

Now, I wait on the outcome……

Hoping for a “C”

School days Finals

Welp, off to execution (finals), if you’re of the praying sort say a prayer for me that I get through this one. Y’all be good and have a good day today. 

School days Finals

You know the job market is tough when you apply for an unpaid internship and you still can’t get hired. That person is willing to work for FREE, let that sink in for a minute: a person is willing to take time out of their day, using up the gas in their car to drive who knows where to do inane tasks and for what it?: all for the sake of gaining “experience”. Fuck all of that, “experience” won’t pay off these student loans, now will it? 

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