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Anonymous sent: Sons of anarchy


O, okay. I was wondering how they were going to close out the season. I didn’t see any of that coming. I didn’t expect Tara’s death so soon but I figured it was coming, I actually thought her death would’ve came from Jax’s hands. Gemma must die, Juice must die but Gemma’s death must be particularly horrible because she’s done some fucked up shit. I believe Sutter will save hers’ until the end of the show.

Juice’s ass should’ve gotten canceled last season but I was hoping he would somewhat redeem himself but instead he sunk himself further. He’s proven to be disloyal, weak, a major liability and I don’t know why he helped cover Gemma’s mess, that’s not gonna earn him anything so I don’t what he hopes to achieve here. 

I don’t know what’s gonna happen with Jax now, even when they prove he didn’t kill Tara and the sheriff, he’s still taking the fall for the guns. The MC is gonna be left to fend for themselves the impending war with the other crews is gonna make for a crazy season.

In the end, it’s all gonna end bloody. Everybody’s probably gonna die, I hope that Chibs, Bobby, Happy, Nero, make it out alive. I gotta add Tig even though he should’ve been died but he earned his way back. 

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Things not looking good for Juice. Haven’t been since last season but I think this may be the end of the line for Juice:(

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Tonight’s episode of Sons Of Anarchy

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Shawty got dem back dimples. 

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Sutter, don’t let nothing happen to Happy. 

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Galen is a shrewd businessman. I’ve heard of taking out the competition but damn. 

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Tara ol sneaky ass. I’m impressed, well played Dr. Knowles. 

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Robocop’s a dirty cop. 

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She took the wig off, you know shit bout to get real. 

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Who the fuck Juice think he is, Evel Knievel? 

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Those Irish dudes ain’t fucking around.

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Damn, the prospects though:(

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Damon Pope (via kingjaffejoffer)

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Well, SHIT!!!


Can anybody catch a FUCKING BREAK?!!?

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How is Jax gonna save Tig’s life?


Or is he not going to?

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