What sex feels like


For one of my followers who will remain anon

(guys perspective)

awkward at first because you aren’t exactly sure what to expect, you slide inside of her depending on if she has had sex before and how “blessed” you are, it can be really difficult and tight or you can just slip right inside and the whole time you’re thinking”am i doing this right?, I wonder if she likes this?, fuck what if the condom breaks?, God i’m terrible!” and many more thought’s but once you find you’re stroke and she gets wet enough it feels really good you feel her walls tighten and begin to LITERALLY massage your dick. Her moans and deep breaths egg you on making you go faster and deeper and you really start to enjoy it. Then it’s that moment when you’re getting ready to cum(normally sneaks TF up on you) and your muscles all clench up and you want to stop stroking because it’s a weird ass feeling but it feels too good to fucking stop and then it’s like all your muscles relax at the same time when you actually orgasm and it sends a feeling of bliss through your body. 

So in a nutshell that’s how sex feels. well for me anyway.

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